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Enhanced Brand Awareness

Enhanced Brand Awareness

Get the benefit of higher click-through rates from paid search results while improving brand awareness by almost 80%.

Improved CTR

Improved CTR

Enjoy the benefits of improved CTR or click-through rates for your brand, with paid search campaigns turning the tables in your favor.

Faster Results

Faster Results

Leverage the power of strategically tailored SEM for achieving considerable improvements in traffic, particularly for the initial stages of your marketing journey.

Why Choose us?

Growthlok is your trustworthy option for SEM campaign management with the power of skills and experience from professional PPC strategists. Starting from the process of establishing goals for your paid search campaign alongside preparing the strategy for using the expenses set aside for the campaign, Growthlok will help you along the way. 

We can help you set up appropriately tailored SEM campaigns while offering the benefits of KPIs. Our clients could get an overview of the performance of their SEM campaigns with the KPIs such as CTR, conversions, impressions, bounce rate, and other metrics. Most important of all, we also provide the assurance of adapting the paid search campaign strategy according to the metrics. 


In a world riddled with cutthroat competition among businesses, you cannot rely on conventional SEM strategies.  Choosing a generic, copy-and-paste approach for SEM might not work in your favor in all cases. So, our search engine marketing solutions focus on customization for ensuring value advantages. We believe in tailoring your search engine marketing campaign to your requirements.

Growthlok helps you build an efficient SEM strategy revolving around your business, products, services, and business goals. With a customized approach, our clients have better prospects of reaching their target audience. As a result, our SEM/PPC services can help you achieve desired marketing goals in highly competitive markets.


Growthlok believes in offering the best expertise for your SEM/PPC campaigns to help you achieve the best possible results. You get a dedicated account manager with our SEM/PPC services. The account manager can work as a trusted point-of-contact, thereby taking away the complexities and hassles of interacting with different people regarding your SEM services. Interestingly, our dedicated account managers are always ready to offer fast and relevant responses to clients. 

Our SEM/PPC experts are also adept at using the latest technology to your advantage. With the help of machine learning technology and business intelligence, we can ensure data-backed improvements in your SEM/PPC strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Search Engine Marketing or SEM?

Search engine marketing or SEM basically points out the process or methods in which businesses can use search engines for advertising their products or services to users. You can choose organic methods such as SEO for marketing your brand in SEM or paid methods such as PPC ads. 

How much should I pay for SEM/PPC services?

The pricing of SEM/PPC services depends considerably on a wide range of factors. Some of the notable factors which can affect the cost of SEM/PPC services include the goals, number of campaigns, total monthly budget, and targeted keywords. 

What are the benefits of PPC for my business?

PPC or pay-per-click ads have distinct value benefits for any type of business. First of all, they can increase online exposure as paid ads appear on top of organic search results. With the increased exposure, PPC campaigns could bring more traffic to your business, thereby ensuring higher ROI. Most important of all, you have total control over regulating the expenditure in PPC ads. 

How can I find whether my SEM/PPC strategy is successful?

You can easily measure the success of your search engine marketing efforts with metrics. For example, if you want to generate awareness, you can look at the impressions and clicks on organic and paid search engine results. If you want to look at brand preference of customers or the performance of ad creative, then you can go with conversion or click-through rates as the plausible metrics. 

Do I need any specific budget for PPC campaigns?

The budget for your PPC campaign is completely under your control. It is important to note that there are no specific budget requirements for PPC marketing services. However, you can start with a recommended minimum budget of $500 for spending on PPC ads.