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Rediscover your online presence with a new identity through our customized website revamp services.

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Improved User Experience

Improved User Experience

Offer seamless and productive user experiences with our customized website revamp services. Avail the value of a responsive website design and faster page performance alongside intuitive navigation with our experts.

Safeguarding SEO Value

Safeguarding SEO Value

Our clients have the assurance of safeguards for the existing position of their website in search engine rankings. We employ a comprehensive strategy for enabling clients to retain their existing SEO value.

Flexible Content Migration

Flexible Content Migration

Capitalize on our website revamp services for easier content migration with detailed roadmaps tailored individually for each product. Our comprehensive migration approach helps us identify and update existing legacy code instances effortlessly.

Why Choose us?

The average website visitor takes only 0.05 seconds to develop an opinion about a web page. You can make the most of our website revamp services to tap into the pulse of your target audience and hold the attention of your visitors.

We help you develop custom designs according to your target audience and objectives for capturing brand value.

Most importantly, we focus on creating responsive designs which are accessible on all devices such as smartphones, computers, and tablets. 

Flexible and Efficient Process

The foremost highlight of our website revamp services focuses on ensuring flexibility and efficiency. Your involvement with the website redesign process helps us know what you want exactly from the redesign process. Our developers and designers invest adequate efforts in researching the websites you like and the designs which can be best for your website.

After collecting the relevant data and research, our team would offer recommendations before starting the redesign process. Clients get the opportunity for comprehensive involvement in the process to ensure that the redesign process aligns with their requirements.

Effective Content Management

We can help you with the website copywriting needs for your website redesign project. Growthlok can help you get optimized content for your revamped website, curated by our in-house team of experienced copywriters. In addition, our website revamp services also support effective integration of content management system with your new website for effective content sharing. You can discover innovative ways for leveraging the design and functionality of your revamped website to your advantage.

We also ensure that the new content for your website fits perfectly with your company and brand goals and digital marketing strategy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to revamp my website?

The website is a representation of a company’s identity in the online landscape. Poor user interface and slow page loading speeds can affect user experience. Website revamp services can help you resolve these issues effectively.

How many revisions could I make to my existing website design?

We follow a strategic approach for our website revamp services by understanding the requirements of clients. We know that your website redesign project would have minor changes over its course. 

What is the cost of revamping a website?

Revamping the design of a website is not all about creating new visuals. Therefore, the cost of website revamping depends a lot on what you want with the redesign process. 

Is there any need to change the existing content on my website?

Content is one of the critical factors in the user experience of a website. You can use our professional website copywriting services for creating content that reflects perfectly on your brand identity and goals. 

Do you have any hidden fees?

No, Growthlok provides you the assurance of complete transparency in pricing of a website revamp services. You can get detailed estimates for all the services you want for your new website alongside the costs.