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Create profoundly lasting impressions on your audience with your business logo.

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Build Your Identity

Build Your Identity

The foremost thing you get with a logo is an identity for the brand of your business. Set your brand apart from the competition with an aesthetically designed logo.

Aligning with Brand Goals

Aligning with Brand Goals

We believe in offering logo design services tailored to the identity of the business. Rather than relying on templates and pre-designed logos, you get your brand logo created from scratch.

Multiple Value Propositions

Multiple Value Propositions

Our logo design services are customizable and allow all clients to make the most of the talent of professional designers in crafting exclusively unique brand logos.

Why Choose us?

We at Growthlok understand the importance of an attractive logo design in enhancing the visibility of a business. Our capabilities in designing attractive logos for enhancing your brand value are the foremost reasons to choose us for designing your business logo.

We help you get attractive and relevant logo designs with the optimal use of various design elements. Most important of all, we offer our logo design services at highly cost-effective pricing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I give ideas for the logo design?

Yes, the inputs of our clients help us in creating designs according to their preferences and business goals. 

What are the important factors for determining cost of logo design?

You could find different factors responsible for affecting the cost of logo design. The notable factors which can affect the cost of logo design included a number of revisions alongside a number of design concepts considered for the project. 

Can I change an existing logo?

Yes, we can help you redesign an existing logo according to your preferences with our creative inputs.

What are scalable vector files?

Scalable vector files refer to the file you could scale or resize and even change colors and fonts in the design without influencing the quality or resolution of the image.